Omo Valley Water Project: Sustainable Solutions for Clean Water

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About Us


It is within our capabilities and responsibility to safeguard the integrity of the ecosystem.

Women and children are disproportionately affected by the lack of clean water in OMO Valley, as they are often responsible for fetching water from distant sources, which can take up to 6 hours per day.

About US

At the Omo Valley Clean Water Initiative, we are dedicated to addressing the critical issue of clean water scarcity in the Omo Valley region of Ethiopia. With a mission to provide sustainable access to safe drinking water, we work tirelessly to implement innovative solutions that uplift communities and improve lives.

Driven by the belief that clean water is a fundamental human right, our organization collaborates with local stakeholders, governments, and global partners to develop holistic strategies tailored to the unique needs of the region. Through the construction of wells, installation of water purification systems, and community education programs, we aim to empower individuals and families with the resources and knowledge they need to thrive.

Founded on principles of transparency, accountability, and compassion, the Omo Valley Clean Water Initiative is committed to making a tangible, lasting impact. Join us in our journey to transform lives and create a brighter, healthier future for the Omo Valley community

In addition to health issues, the lack of clean water also has a significant impact on education in OMO Valley, as children often have to miss school to fetch water or suffer from water-related illnesses.

In the face of this crisis, The Omo Valley Clean Potable Water Initiatives (OVCWI) organization has stepped forward with a mission to provide sustainable and clean drinking water to the communities in the Omo Valley. This organization aims to not only solve the immediate issue of water scarcity but also to implement long-term solutions that will ensure access to clean water for generations to come.

Plan of Action

The Omo Valley Clean Water Initiative (OVCI) organization aims to provide clean and safe drinking water to the communities in the Omo Valley region, thus promoting health, sanitation, and sustainable development.

Assistance is a valuable trait that we aspire to have in this world. The ability to offer aid and support to others without expectation is a noble quality that can help create a more positive and harmonious society

The first step in organizing The Omo Valley Clean Potable Water Initiatives is to identify key stakeholders within the local community, government agencies, and non-profit organizations that have a shared interest in addressing the issue of clean water in the Omo Valley. This will help establish a solid foundation and support for the organization’s mission.

Here are some actions that Omo Valley Clean Water Initiatives (OVCWI) could undertake to have a direct impact on local communities in the Omo Valley:

1. Installation of Water Wells: Constructing water wells in strategic locations within the communities to provide access to clean and safe drinking water.

2. Water Purification Systems: Implementing water purification systems, such as filtration or chlorination, to treat contaminated water sources and make them safe for consumption.

3. Community Training and Education: Conducting workshops and educational sessions to teach community members about proper hygiene practices, water conservation, and the importance of clean water for health.

4. Sanitation Infrastructure: Building or improving sanitation facilities like latrines and waste disposal systems to prevent contamination of water sources and improve overall community hygiene.

5. Water Distribution Networks: Establishing water distribution networks to ensure that clean water reaches every household within the community efficiently.

6. Community Engagement Programs: Engaging local residents in the planning and implementation of water initiatives to foster a sense of ownership and sustainability within the community.

7. Monitoring and Maintenance: Setting up systems for regular monitoring of water quality and infrastructure maintenance to ensure long-term sustainability of clean water access.

8. Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Introducing rainwater harvesting techniques and systems to capture and store rainwater for household use during dry seasons.

9. Healthcare Support: Providing healthcare services and medical support to address waterborne diseases and improve overall community health outcomes.

10. Capacity Building: Training local community members in water management, maintenance, and repair skills to empower them to take control of their water resources and infrastructure.

Implementing these actions can lead to tangible improvements in access to clean water and sanitation, directly benefiting the health and well-being of communities in the Omo Valley.





The OMO River, which is the main water source for many communities in the valley, is facing depletion and pollution due to overuse and agricultural runoff, making it unsafe for drinking or farming.

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In some remote areas of OMO Valley, people have to resort to drinking from contaminated rivers or standing water sources, which can lead to severe health issues.

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